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We Love YOU!

We're experts at Laser Teeth Whitening and Wellness Services  We Offer.  But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process, we're also here to make you feel Luminous. Whether you're just here for a Twenty Minute Teeth Whitening Session, LED Photon Light Therapy, Cryoskin,  or taking advantage of our AWESOME Collab Packs,   your happiness is of utmost importance!  We truly believe in Service with a Smile in Gorgeous Downtown Boise! 

Boise Benevolent Business

At Luminous we have dedicated our lives and our business to Giving Back.  A Percentage of EVERY Sale is put back into our Beautiful Boise through Non-Profits and Local Charities that are near and dear to us.  Stay Tuned as We begin to give back and see who has been helped though your purchase.

Superior Quality Products & Process

Many people underestimate the effect of high-quality 35% HP  Natural Whitening Gel , Laser  LED Teeth Whitening Light, Best Reviewed LED Photon Light Therapy Mask, Genuine Cryoskin Machine & Esthetic services performed by a Master Stylist & Licensed Cosmetologist.  With ALL services performed by trained, and certified (where applicable) Technicians.  That's Why We guarantee All of our Products & Services are as advertise leaving you, with that extra feeling of zen and a premier experience and result in Downtown Boise.  We REALLY Put our Money Where Our Mouth Is, Get It?


Our Teeth Whitening Process

 How do we offer the BEST Results of 4-14 Shades Whiter (Achieved with 2-3  20 Minute Teeth Whitening Sessions)  AND the Best Pricing in the Treasure Valley?  Let us explain.

  • First, we use an All-Natural HP Whitening Gel - That's 35%, That's the Same Strength they use in a Dental Office.  We combine this with an LED Laser Light, that Emits Cool Blue light to give your teeth that LUMINOUS WHITE Glow!  

Because we use Dental Grade Products, You get Dental Grade Results at a Fraction of the Cost!

We Whiten each of the 3 Layers of the Teeth. 

  • First, we remove the surface stains from the outermost layer.  Here we even manage to get you lifted a few shades as well.
  • Next, we go deeper into the Enamel layer to get MASSIVE Whitening Results.  Whoa.  Even Bigger Results.
  • Lastly, the Dentin Layer is Glowed Up, Leaving you with the Whitest, Most Luminous Teeth Ever.  You'll wonder where those pearly whites had been hiding!

 Before you go, we use a DeSensitizing and ReMineralizing Gel to keep your Teeth Happy and Healthy, probably even more so than when you came to see us.

We Have come to realize from our amazing Clients, that we make it Pretty Simple to STAY LUMINOUS!

Easy PreTreatment and AfterCare Instructions


  • Get Hydrated and Have a Snack, You Deserve It.  Besides that, you will want to refrain from eating or drinking for 2 hours after your treatment.  This allows the whitening gel to keep working it's magic to give an even glow.


  • Avoid All Food or Drink for 2 Hours after your treatment.  Remember, Magic Gel.  Ok, not magic, but it is amazing.
  • For the following 24 hours After Treatment please follow these rules for the optimum results.  Remember, listen to your mother.  In this case, you can call us Mom.
  • Avoid any dark drinks like Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, and Artificial Colors.
  • Avoid all foods  that may stain your teeth.  Let's just make it simple.  As close to Clear & Natural Foods and Drinks as possible.
  • Rule of thumb.  If it'll Stain your shirt, it'll stain your teeth.  This is important to give the gel the time it needs to finish processing and give you a flawless, even finish.  Let's not disturb this.
  • No Smoking for 24 hours, smoking a cigarette within the first 24 Hours will stain your teeth.  We're Realists here.  If you must smoke, please try to do it minimally these first 24 hrs. Or maybe now is a good time to try vaping, or quitting?!  Sorry, that mom thing again.   We love you just the way you are!
  • No Toothpaste or Mouthwash with dye. 
  • Flash that show stopping smile every chance you get.  We mean it.  We will find you!

Luminous. Making Boise More Beautiful


HALF of All Full Priced Sales in March 2019 Will Be Donated to The Phoenix Gym Boise Chapter. Stay Tuned for Details on our Big Donation Reveal Party in April!

You know what we do at Luminous and now we would like to tell you about who we are


March 2019 Non-Profit Pick: The Phoenix Gym Boise Chapter

We are Idaho Natives that wanted to build a local business that  gives back into our community by donating to local charities and making  Boise better.   Our first business that we are helping support is  The Phoenix Gym in downtown Boise. During the month of March half of our  total sales will be donated to this non-profit that is very near and  dear to our hearts. Stay tuned to learn more about The Phoenix Gym and  how they also help make Boise more beautiful.   

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